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The Dabels
The Dabels
Dallas, GA
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Terence is wonderful to work with through the whole process of selling your house and buying a new one. The support he provided in selling my house was top notch and I got a contract on my house within 1 day! He was very helpful and patient when buying my new house, always made me feel like my satisfaction was very important to him. Recommend to anyone buying or selling a home.
The Scogginses
The Scogginses
New Bern, NC
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We would recommend Terence Richardson to other home sellers because it was a great overall experience and we felt like we were Terence’s one and only client during the time we worked together. We can’t thank Terence enough for all he did to sell our home. Thanks again!
The Joneses
The Joneses
Kennesaw, GA
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I found Terence on a yard sign in my neighborhood with what every seller wants to see, the word SOLD. Wow! How did that man come into my neighborhood and sell a home so fast? I had to write that phone number down! And I’m so glad I did. He was a true pleasure to work with. He has a wealth of knowledge and is so passionate about real estate. I felt very comfortable with him from day one and he did an amazing job at getting that SOLD sign up in my yard too! Thanks Terence!

Who You Work With Matters

When it’s time to sell your home in metro Atlanta, GA, Richardson Real Estate Group has a strong track record of helping our clients outperform the market. Our approach to selling real estate was crafted to maximize our client’s experience and return on investment, and the results speak for themselves. Click here to learn about our approach.

13+ Years Experience

Since 2010, we have served the real estate needs of over 350 clients in every kind of market imaginable: buyer’s market, seller’s market, and everything in between.

Expert Negotiators

Our seller clients earn 3.9% more money on average than the typical seller in our market. We have the expertise to help you negotiate the best terms.

Less Time on Market

Our properties sell in half the time compared to the typical agent in our market. We also have a strong track record of selling homes the first time around.

Local Expertise

We are based in Marietta, GA and serve the north-west metro Atlanta area. We specialize in Cobb, Cherokee, North Fulton, Paulding, Bartow and Douglas counties.

Easy Selling Process

Our Seller Experience was designed to be client-centric. From our very first strategy session to the day of closing, we make it easy to work with us. Click here to learn more about our approach to selling homes.

Relocation Services

For clients moving out of the area after the sale, we offer comprehensive relocation services to make the logistics of relocating simpler and more manageable. Click here to learn more about our relocation services.

Our Approach To Selling Homes

Introduction: The Strategy Session

We like to kick things off with an in-person strategy session at the property you want to sell with Terence Richardson, our Lead Agent. Once scheduled, we send you our Home Marketing System so that you can become acquainted with how we successfully market and sell properties ahead of our meeting. That way, we can focus on you, your home, and the market during our session.

We will discuss your goals, expectations, and timeline, the market, areas of opportunity with your home to increase its value, and pricing strategies.

This is a chance for us to get to know each other, to make sure we're a good fit, and to ensure your goals are in-line with what the market will allow should we decide to work together.

Preparing Your Home For Market

At this stage, we connect you with any contractor you need if you are doing repairs and/or making updates to the property. You will have a consultation with our professional stager. Once the home is staged and ready for video and pictures, we will schedule an appointment to shoot the home with our media team.

Pre-Market Logistics

With the help of our Client Care Coordinator, Stephanie Richardson, we organize everything from listing paperwork, signage, and lockbox installation, to obtaining keys and finalizing instructions for showings.

Creating Marketing Materials

We believe that good marketing begins with good storytelling. We work closely with our clients to learn about their homes' history and stories.

Next, we seek to understand "who" we will tell the story to. We analyze and define our target market to determine which segments are most likely to produce qualified buyers.

Then, once we have a carefully crafted story and an audience to hear it, we create the marketing assets and collateral needed to promote your home to buyers tirelessly.

Finally, we leverage modern and traditional marketing channels to tell our story. For example, we deploy advertising dollars on platforms like Google Adwords and Youtube to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. We are everywhere our buyers are. 

Our Home Marketing System is comprehensive; you will receive a copy to review before our strategy session.

Pre-Launch Marketing

In the week leading up to Launch Day, we begin pre-marketing activities designed to create hype around the launch of your listing. We give local real estate agents a sneak peek. We email an extensive list of buyers information about your property. We let our sphere and networks know that your house is about to hit the market.

Market Launch Day

All the time, energy, and money you have invested into preparing your home for market are about to pay off. You are ready for showings; it is our turn to take over the reins.

Over the next week, our marketing shifts into high gear to attract buyers and showings. We follow up diligently with showing agents to gauge interest and collect feedback. Together, we review the feedback to determine if we are on the right track and make adjustments as needed.

Attracting Offers

As offers begin to come in, we have systems in place to optimize how we review and respond to ensure all interested parties have an opportunity to submit their offer for consideration. 

We leverage our 13 years of experience and expertise to negotiate the best possible price and terms for you so that no money is left on the table.

Once an offer is selected, negotiated and all parties have signed the purchase agreement, we are officially under contract!

Transaction Milestones

Now that we're under contract, Stephanie will keep you informed of transaction milestones ahead of time to avoid surprises. She will coordinate communication between you and the closing attorney and assist with any services you might need during the transaction or afterward. 

Terence continues to be your point of contact for all things strategy, negotiations, and counsel. 

The typical transaction milestones begin with a Due Diligence Period. If the buyer is getting a mortgage, they will typically also have Appraisal and Financing Contingency periods.

Finally, if you agree to any repairs, they typically need to be completed 3-5 days before closing to allow the buyer to review the work.

The *BIG* Day

Congratulations, you made it to Closing Day! You can finally relax knowing everything has been taken care of. All that is left to do is to sign the papers at the attorney's office, receive your sale proceeds and celebrate! We are excited to share this moment with you; we are so very grateful you chose us to be your Realtor.

Here For You Even After Closing

We continue to be a resource for our clients after closing, even years into the future. If you're buying another home locally, hopefully, we are helping to guide you through that transaction as well. If you're buying out of the market, we can refer you to a Realtor that shares our passion for real estate, someone we wouldn't hesitate to use ourselves. Our contacts and resources are your contacts and resources. 

Are We The Right
Fit For You?

We are the right fit if:

You want a great return on your investment and, believing that you get what you pay for, you know you need to hire the right Realtor to help you maximize what you make.

You want a Realtor who is also an expert marketer, who will create a high exposure, technology-driven strategy to ensure every buyer in the market are seeing your property.

You want a Realtor who communicates well, has incredible market knowledge and expert negotiating skills and will move mountains so you have a great experience.

You want a Realtor for life; someone who will earn your trust and confidence, work with in the future and talk about to friends, family, coworkers and everybody you know

If This Is You...
We're Ready To Get You
The Best Possible Offer!

Get started with a Seller Strategy Session and in just 60 minutes, you’ll walk away with an effective strategy that will get your home sold for the most money possible, the first time around. No obligation. No “hard selling”. Just a friendly conversation.

Would you rather buy a home first?

Sometimes it makes sense to purchase before you sell; we can help with that too. Visit our Buyer Experience page to learn more about your options.

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