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Terence Richardson

Terence Richardson

Experience matters in today’s ultra-competitive Seller’s market. I have had the pleasure of serving the real estate needs of over 500 families in the metro Atlanta area since 2010. During this time, my clients and I have experienced very different market conditions. From one of the strongest buyer’s markets in recorded history where every other house was a distressed sale and there were 20-50 houses on the market for every buyer to today’s reversal where the opposite is true and there are 20-50 buyers (if not more) for every house that comes to market.

While there are stark contrasts between the types of markets and the strategies used to succeed in them, the one thing in common my clients have experienced over the last decade is success in achieving their real estate goals while outperforming the given market they were in. That’s by coincidence, that’s by design.

Let’s discuss your particular real estate goals and how I can help you be successful in achieving them in the current market

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Terence Richardson
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Our Team

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